2016 Chrysler 200 – Review

To appreciate the new 2015 Chrysler 200 here is the outgoing 2014 model. Alright still awake. Here’s the new one makes you wonder why they didn’t change the name. 200 isn’t perfect but it has much to offer starting here this is a space that impresses the eyes fingers to center consoles I don’t normally turn my crank but this one is clever Volvo like storage provides a great place for your phone there’s a cord passed through for tidiness if you don’t know what the Detroit skyline looks like you do now. A 295 horsepower V6 is available this base 2.4 liter multiair Tigershark 4 cylinder makes 108. The 4 horses. Tiger shark got the love then. Go with the V. 6 if you want all wheel drive and manual control of the 9 you has 9 speed transmission. With a nice subtle growl. Tiger shark isn’t a rocket but it is powerful enough on a 400 mile road trip over mountain passes I saw 32 miles per gallon. This car is equipped with radar system cruise control that can bring you down to a complete stop it also has lane keep assist cameras read the road stripes and then uses the steering to center you in the lane you could.

 Chrysler 200Actually feel a little bit. This would be great on long straight South Dakota roads not so super in the current. That’s the fight a little bit. 200 rides on a modified version of the structure found under Dodge dart in jeep Cherokee cabin noise and driving dynamics are bit packed for the class. Ride quality is superb rough roads give it a flinty feel and take away some composure in the corners hit a big bump and you’ll hear the suspension working. Back to the cabin the you connect interface could be the best in the biz simple and intuitive. There’s a concept everything is logically laid out though for the first couple days I kept cranking up the fan when reaching for the transmission knob. Gauges and lighting are classy Chrysler 200 led headlights. If you need a spacious rear seat that’s easy to get into. Up to 0 may not be the car for you I’m 5 foot 9 and my biggest gripe is that I’d like a little bit more foot room headroom is just OK for me.

Anyone taller might get their hair restyled. Against their will I always like storage here and always complain when there’s no power port here the outboard seats or commendably comfortable the middle position is raised up though so it’s best for drinks and. Usually style and practicality don’t go hand in hand. Usually thanks Chrysler for the spare instead of a repair kit no grant handled means your hands will get dirty though some cars in this class can squeeze 7 bundles of this stuff and the 200 stops at 6 though there is still some space leftover never fear you can still love long stuff there’s a ski pass through to. So how much would you guess this high end scene model costs. I forgot to mention it has blind spot warning a self parking system and cross paths. Action a decent alpine sound system and real wood to the spell lines because most to gas around 40 grand MSRP here is 30475 Bucks with destination the suspension could use more refinement and this is a bit tight but inside and out to the new 200 looks like a serious competitor.