How to change brake pads on Brembo system

Research and brake pads it’s fairly easy yourself. Some kind of a. To move but the chain links ana. Unlike a bike. Scrap some like this. And the hammer. And the first pin is fed up top. Put that in there. And you want remove these pens. Hit it fuel taps. I To do that to the bottom loosened up the model. To. Next thing we wanna do is. Grab flyers or something. On the back over here.
change brake pads on Brembo
There’s the pen is one pull that out. You just go. Split up. Pain comes out. In the arm. And then you do something with the other one bottom been. A little bit more. A quick put those those signs. Next is the brake pad itself. What I usually do is describe this ringing. Yeah come out little by little. We wonder as to both sides. Ensure you haven’t of me to grab. Just pull on both. Get. Thank you. If anything we get another. Pencil The I popped up. After that I was empowered I’m just greasing these again but these are brand new brake pads cost. On the new pads oi do is. Grease all over. But on the sides makes you don’t get on the pad itself.

Top Anywhere was going to contact more a put the more. The choir will be. Another thing is I will kind had me confused. Most some brief at all that they have aware sensor this one doesn’t have it because this was on the inside but the where sensor if I have little metal tab here that actually comes to that outside of the piston. Many. Outside We’re Either even if you try to jam it here won’t work. So has to be an outside won’t to attack us men outside the piston. And that’s it after the I. you pretty much wants is greased up. London back in. Another name just take a hammer and. Put everything back in. Divers that.